Coaching - Be more efficient with Teams App

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In this training session dedicated to a small group (1 to 5 people), you’ll be able to go further with Teams uses. With the help of the trainer, be more efficient and optimze knowledge on the subject. Coaching session offers you to talk with the trainer and receive the answers to your questions.

Training tools :

  • Live training session with a trainer
  • Maximum 5 people on the session

Training objectives :

  • Go further into the comprehension of the tool
  • Use the software while being able to talk to the trainer

Training plan :

  • It’s up to you, depending on your needs !

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Vignette session

This course means attending a virtual class with a subject matter expert.

Votre participation n'est pas obligatoire pour visualiser les autres ressources, mais si vous souhaitez poser vos propres questions et avoir un échange en direct, c'est ici que cela se passe.