Large-Scale Conference Facilitation with Skype Broadcast

45:00 4 vidéos

Are you planning to mass broadcast a conference call to ten thousand people? Nowadays, this is doable thanks to the Skype Broadcast online application! Create, customize and get started with large-scale broadcasting of meetings or events.

Instructional tools and methods:

  • The session will take place remotely with a virtual classroom tool.
  • The trainer will facilitate a live session, which will allow trainees to interact and ask questions.

Training objectives:

  • To discover how to organize a mass conference call in Skype Broadcast
  • To use participatory tools during conference calls

Training content: :

  • Creating and planning a new event
  • Providing access information
  • Customizing usage options
  • Sending invitations
  • Launching or participating in an event
  • Creating interaction with participants
>Creating and planning a new event >Providing access information >Customizing usage options >Sending invitations >Launching or participating in an event